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What value does a perfect solution, with a well thought out campaign, sent to a perfectly segmented audience have if it never reaches its intended target? Don't get fooled by your contact database. No matter how good your campaign is, at every touch, incomplete and inaccurate data is ruining the show and you can't keep up. Stand up and REVOlutionize your database. Here is how Social123 can help:


  • HubSpot states that "B2B data expires 25% per year." Add in CRM list buys and incomplete web forms and your data is bad even before you hit send. With Social123's data hygiene solution, our customers solve this problem using the most accurate and timely data available: Social-sourced. The result? Up to an astounding 40% improvement rate in white space and inaccuracy cleanup.


  • The more personalized the campaign the higher likelihood the recipient will read and respond to your call of action. With Social123, you can append 30 social data feilds that can help you better segment and target down to interests, groups and trade affiliations.


  • Do you know your exposure to high risk emails such as frequent complainers/opt-outs, spam traps and honey pots? With our industry leading validation tool, we will ensure your emails never get blocked again by removing the very addresses that could damage your credibility and sender score.


  • We know that buying new lists can be down right nerve wrecking. Whether buying or renting, old-world segmentation options and bad data can quickly let you down. With Social123's real-time search engine, choose from our 30 data fields and find the most up to date contacts that fit your ideal customer profile. You are in control, see the results!

It was only a matter of time before someone was able to capitalize on the amounts of intelligence available through social media outlets. Social123 should be the tool at the top of your list of must-have resources.

Jonathan Catley |Digital Content & Marketing Manager