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    Learn more about the contacts in your database: industry, title, location, company and more!

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    Segment your list perfectly using 30+ fields of data for targeted campaigns!

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    We will validate the emails in your database and provide a risk assessment of each email address.



Emily Wingrove

I recently attended the B2B Content-2-Conversion conference in Scottsdale, AZ earlier this week and for reasons I will not expand upon, I was inspired to identify some key do’s and don’ts when attending conferences/tradeshows. Oh, and the B2BC2C event was GREAT – it was the perfect event for a great group of marketers trying to




  • brainshark
    Social123 is a key driver in our micro-campaigning strategy. We can better align relevant content to deliver the right message to a more targeted audience, while supporting our lead gen efforts in the discovery of new decision-makers and high-level contacts at our prospect accounts.

    Kate Sarkissian | Database Marketing Manager, Brainshark

  • DocuSign
    Companies likeSocial123 can help provide marketers the specifics they need, like phone numbers, titles and email addresses, so we can effectively connect and nurture a relationship into a sale.

    Meagen Eisenberg is the VP of Demand Generation at DocuSign

  • on24
    Social123 is a game changer for anyone in sales and marketing. Whether you are trying to launch a new business and penetrate different verticals or sell into an existing market.

    Chad Burmeister | National Accounts, ON24

  • insite
    Insite Software
    We looked at the competition on the market and saw that Social123 had a unique value proposition related to the accuracy of data that we needed, along with a process to help us to continuously improve our data over time.

    Alan Littman | VP of Marketing, Insite Software

  • demandcon
    We had a 250% increase in open rates on the people following certain twitter handles vs. our database and 100% higher open rate than our own opt-in list.

    Shawn Elledge | Owner and CEO

  • carabiner
    Carabiner Communications
    Social123 empowers companies to identify key influencers and improve how it communicates with them to better target its messages, and prioritize its communications. Big data and social media don’t have to be easy to tackle – Social123 made it as easy as 1-2-3 for me.

    Kathy Cabrera | Director of New Media

  • frontline solvers
    Frontline Solvers
    The data we are getting about our prospects through Social123 is interesting, sometimes surprising, and quite encouraging for future sales. For example, we're finding that many people that we thought were MBA students with no money to spend, are actually working in companies and taking a course or an executive MBA program, and are more qualified as buyers than we thought.

    Daniel Fylstra | VP of Product

  • ag salesworks
    AG Salesworks
    It was only a matter of time before someone was able to capitalize on the amounts of intelligence available through social media outlets. Now using Social123, you are able to pull a list based on twitter handles, have that list appended with LinkedIn data and produce a marketing list containing Name, Title, Company, and Email Address. Social123 should be the tool at the top of your list of must-have resources.

    Jonathan Catley | Digital Content & Marketing Manager

  • demand metric
    Demand Metric
    We got a 200% increase on open rates from our first send to a small list of 7500 today. Great boost!

    Jesse Hopps | Founder & CEO

  • inside sales
    We did our first test of Social123 leads. The click through rate was over double, 2.05X compared to our other contacts. We're looking forward to leverage the platform more.

    Brad Perry | Directo


Social123 will provide a free analysis of your entire database as well as 500 FREE net-new, targeted leads!

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